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APS Acrylic Teflon

At APS, we polish all our vehicles with PTFE (polyutetrafluoroethylene) known commercially as Teflon™

PTFE is notable for:
  • its high thermal durability (protection against sun damage)
  • strong resistance to chemical attack (protection from pollution), and
  • unique anti-frictional properties (ease of maintenance)

The APS formula combines Teflon in a solution of acrylic resin and emulsifiers.

Unparalleled protection
Our product is applied using an orbital polisher with a burnishing action that provides unparalleled protection among other surface sealants. Wax does not compare in terms of sun protection, pollution, and other elements.

APS - 688 Talbot Street, Maidstone

Ease of maintenance
Ease of maintenance is one of the definite advantages of using APS Acrylic Teflon. The virtually frictionless surface created needs nothing more than mild soap and water for routine washing.

APS Acrylic Teflon guards against
  • Fall-out Material
  • Tree Sap
  • Road Salt & Tar
  • Acid Rain
  • Effects of Sun
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